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“Inspirational – it makes you think.”
–Anne Haisley, Books, Inc.

“…breathtakingly beautiful…”
–Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry, Babik

“I went on your new Traveler’s site and listened to your first cut. Beautiful! Your voice sounds like a silver bell.”
–Cathy Parlapiano

“Cathy’s style is one of a kind, her gifts are multi-dimensional and her ability to enchant an audience is sublime. Her newest album, “The Traveler” shines the light on James Dillet Freeman’s poems, enhancing the meaningful words of Unity’s Poet Laurent with her unique talent for creating beautiful music. She is an extraordinary artist, musician, healer and transformational leader.”
–Rev. Marciah McCartney

“I am taken on a joyous inner journey every time I listen to “The Traveler,” a new CD release by Cathy DeWitt – composer, musician, vocalist (and Music Director of Unity of Gainesville). From the opening call of the flutes, played by Christine Alicot and George Tortorelli, I am drawn into a world of beauty, comfort, imagination and enchantment. …a masterpiece of the heart.”
–Sue Henry Young

“I really enjoyed your singing (in the concert), but I find this CD absolutely beautiful and have been playing it a lot. I look forward to your posting lyrics so I can sing along, which I’ve been trying to do. I want to thank you for touching my life this week with your soothing, peaceful music. God bless.”
–Sally Hirsh

Cathy DeWitt“The production and the performance on your demo is terrific. String tracks, vocal track, piano….all beautiful!”
–A&R Staff, Sweet Rosie Music

“The musical interpretations of the poems combined with your beautiful voice, excellent arrangments and musicians make this a must have CD. Thank you for bringing these poems to life and providing the means for others to participate.”
–Bill Suchy, Producer, OrangeTV, Orlando, FL

“It’s great music, beautifully performed. Cathy, you have such a gift!”

“This is one of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard.”
–Bruce Micek

“Congratulations on the completion of this wonderful new project. I loved listening to the samples and just ordered the CD. I will introduce it to my expressive arts students and nursing students. What centering, contemplative music. Thank you.”
–Julia Riley, Community Mental Health, Psychiatric Nurse, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author

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